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3.25.76 title

The title command produces a plot title that is centered at the top of the plot. title is a special case of ‘set label‘.


      set title {"<title-text>"} {offset <offset>} {font "<font>{,<size>}"}
                {{textcolor | tc} {<colorspec> | default}} {{no}enhanced}
      show title

If <offset> is specified by either x,y or x,y,z the title is moved by the given offset. It may be preceded by ‘first‘, ‘second‘, ‘graph‘, ‘screen‘, or ‘character‘ to select the coordinate system. See ‘coordinates‘ for details. By default, the ‘character‘ coordinate system is used. For example, "‘set title offset 0,-1‘" will change only the y offset of the title, moving the title down by roughly the height of one character. The size of a character depends on both the font and the terminal.

<font> is used to specify the font with which the title is to be written; the units of the font <size> depend upon which terminal is used.

‘textcolor <colorspec>‘ changes the color of the text. <colorspec> can be a linetype, an rgb color, or a palette mapping. See help for colorspec and palette.

‘noenhanced‘ requests that the title not be processed by the enhanced text mode parser, even if enhanced text mode is currently active.

title with no parameters clears the title.

See ‘syntax‘ for details about the processing of backslash sequences and the distinction between single- and double-quotes.

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