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3.15.10 title

By default each plot is listed in the key by the corresponding function or file name. You can give an explicit plot title instead using the title option.


      title <text> | notitle [<ignored text>]
      title columnheader | title columnheader(N)

where <text> is a quoted string or an expression that evaluates to a string. The quotes will not be shown in the key.

There is also an option that will interpret the first entry in a column of input data (i.e. the column header) as a text field, and use it as the key title. See ‘datastrings‘. This can be made the default by specifying columnhead.

The line title and sample can be omitted from the key by using the keyword ‘notitle‘. A null title (‘title ”‘) is equivalent to ‘notitle‘. If only the sample is wanted, use one or more blanks (‘title ’ ’‘). If ‘notitle‘ is followed by a string this string is ignored.

If ‘key autotitles‘ is set (which is the default) and neither title nor ‘notitle‘ are specified the line title is the function name or the file name as it appears on the ‘plot‘ command. If it is a file name, any datafile modifiers specified will be included in the default title.

The layout of the key itself (position, title justification, etc.) can be controlled by ‘set key‘. Please see ‘set key‘ for details.


This plots y=x with the title ’x’:

      plot x

This plots x squared with title "x^2" and file "data.1" with title "measured data":

      plot x**2 title "x^2", 'data.1' t "measured data"

This puts an untitled circular border around a polar graph:

      set polar; plot my_function(t), 1 notitle

Plot multiple columns of data, each of which contains its own title in the file

      plot for [i=1:4] 'data' using i title columnhead

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