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D.1 Source code structure

Gmsh’s code is structured in several subdirectories, roughly separated between the four core modules (‘Geo’, ‘Mesh’, ‘Solver’, ‘Post’) and associated utilities (‘Common’, ‘Numeric’) on one hand, and the graphics (‘Graphics’) and interface (‘Fltk’, ‘Parser’) code on the other.

The geometry and mesh modules are based on an object-oriented model class (‘Geo/GModel.h’), built upon abstract geometrical entity classes (‘Geo/GVertex.h’, ‘Geo/GEdge.h’, ‘Geo/GFace.h’ and ‘Geo/GRegion.h’). Concrete implementations of the geometrical entity classes are provided for each supported CAD kernel (e.g. ‘Geo/gmshVertex.h’ for geometry points in Gmsh’s native CAD format, or ‘Geo/OCCVertex.h’ for geometry points from OpenCASCADE). The post-processing module is based on the concept of views (‘Post/PView.h’) and abstract data containers (derived from ‘Post/PViewData.h’).

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