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Appendix B Options

This appendix lists all the available options. Gmsh’s default behavior is to save some of these options in a per-user “session resource” file (cf. “Saved in: General.SessionFileName” in the lists below) every time Gmsh is shut down. This permits for example to automatically remember the size and location of the windows or which fonts to use. A second set of options can be saved (automatically or manually with the ‘File->Save Options->As Default’ menu) in a per-user “option” file (cf. “Saved in: General.OptionsFileName” in the lists below), automatically loaded by Gmsh every time it starts up. Finally, other options are only saved to disk manually, either by explicitely saving an option file with ‘File->Save As’, or when saving per-model options with ‘File->Save Options->For Current File’ (cf. “Saved in: -” in the lists below).

To reset all options to their default values, use the ‘Restore default options’ button in ‘Tools->Options->General->Advanced’, or erase the General.SessionFileName and General.OptionsFileName files by hand.

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