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5.1.4 Scaling

The Scaling pane contains a slider that allows scaling of the image. The image can be scaled in either percent of the printable area (not the page in this case) or pixels per inch (PPI) via a radio button below the slider. PPI allows matching image resolution to printer resolution. The image may be scaled using either method to between 5 and 100% of the imageable area. It is not possible to crop with the Print plugin. In Percent mode, the image is scaled so that neither axis will be longer than the percent of the printable area specified. For example, if you print an image at 20%, it will be possible to tile the image 5 times on one axis and at least 5 times on the other. To the right of the radio button is a button called Set Image Scale. This sets the scaling to PPI, and sets the resolution as closely as possible to the resolution stored in the image. To the right of the Set Image Scale button are two boxes that allow entry of width and height of the image. These set the scaling mode to PPI. Specifying one automatically sets the other, and the image is repositioned as needed to prevent it from falling off the edge of the page.

To its right is a button group that allows choosing English (inch) units or metric (centimeter) units.

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