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5.1.3 Position

The Position pane contains various widgets to place the image on the paper. These widgets work in conjunction with the Preview pane. At the top of the pane is a button to center the image on the paper (not on the printable area), and on either side buttons to center vertically and horizontally. Below these are four boxes that allow entry of the left, top, right, and bottom of the image. These positions are relative to the top left of the paper(4). There are two additional boxes that allow specification of the right margin and bottom margin if you prefer; these are relative to the bottom right corner of the paper. Any of these may have values entered into them; the preview image will be moved appropriately.

Note: These entries do not resize the image.

Finally, there is a pick box for orientation (landscape or portrait). There is an ‘Auto’ mode that picks the orientation that yields the orientation that best matches that of the image to be printed.

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