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Qt format strings 5.1.6 Language specific options
Qt mode, and msgfmt program 10.1.2 Operation mode
qt-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files
qt-plural-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files
quotation marks 6.2 Filling in the Header Entry
quotation marks 13.4.4 Extending ‘Makefile’ in ‘po/
quote characters, use in PO files 6.2 Filling in the Header Entry

range: flag 3 The Format of PO Files
recode-sr-latin program 9.4.5 Built-in filters
related reading 16.2 Related Readings
release 13.7 Creating a Distribution Tarball
RST 15.6.2 Resource String Table

Scheme 15.5.9 GNU guile - Scheme
scheme-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files
scripting languages 15.1 The Language Implementor’s View
search messages in a catalog 9.3 Invoking the msggrep Program
selecting message language 2.3.2 Locale Environment Variables
sentences 4.3 Preparing Translatable Strings
setting up gettext at build time 14 The Installer’s and Distributor’s View
setting up gettext at run time 2.3.2 Locale Environment Variables
several domains 11.2.2 Solving Ambiguities
sex 1 Introduction
sh-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files
she, he, and they 1 Introduction
shell scripts 15.5.2 sh - Shell Script
Smalltalk 15.5.10 GNU Smalltalk
smalltalk-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files
sorting msgcat output 9.1.5 Output details
sorting msgmerge output 7.1.7 Output details
sorting msgunfmt output 10.2.7 Output details
sorting output of xgettext 5.1.7 Output details
specifying plural form in a PO file 11.2.6 Additional functions for plural forms
standard output, and msgcat 9.1.2 Output file location
standard output, and msgmerge program 7.1.3 Output file location
string concatenation 4.3 Preparing Translatable Strings
string normalization in entries 8.3.4 Normalizing Strings in Entries
style 4.3 Preparing Translatable Strings
supported languages, xgettext 5.1.3 Choice of input file language

Tcl 15.5.17 Tcl - Tk’s scripting language
Tcl mode, and msgfmt program 10.1.2 Operation mode
Tcl mode, and msgunfmt program 10.2.1 Operation mode
tcl-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files
template PO file 1.5 Overview of GNU gettext
testing ‘.po’ files for equivalence 5.1.7 Output details
Tk’s scripting language 15.5.17 Tcl - Tk’s scripting language
translated entries 8.3.5 Translated Entries
translating menu entries 11.2.5 Using contexts for solving ambiguities
translation aspects 1.3 Aspects in Native Language Support
Translation Matrix 2.4 Installing Translations for Particular Programs
Translation Project 1.1 The Purpose of GNU gettext
turning off NLS support 13.4.13 ‘gettext.h’ in ‘lib/
tutorial of gettext usage 1.5 Overview of GNU gettext

unify duplicate translations 9.5 Invoking the msguniq Program
untranslated entries 8.3.7 Untranslated Entries
update translations from a compendium Update an Existing Translation File
upgrading to new versions of gettext 13.2 Prerequisite Works

version control for backup files, msgmerge 7.1.4 Output file location in update mode

wxWidgets library 15.5.15 wxWidgets library

xargs, and output from msgexec 9.10 Invoking the msgexec Program
xgettext program, usage 5.1 Invoking the xgettext Program
xmodmap program, and typing quotation marks 6.2 Filling in the Header Entry

YaST2 scripting language 15.5.16 YCP - YaST2 scripting language
YCP 15.5.16 YCP - YaST2 scripting language
ycp-format flag 3 The Format of PO Files

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