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Variable Index: G – L

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Index Entry Section

gdb-many-windows32.6.5.1 GDB User Interface Layout
gdb-mode-hook32.6.4 GUD Customization
gdb-show-changed-values32.6.5.6 Watch Expressions
gdb-speedbar-auto-raise32.6.5.6 Watch Expressions
gdb-use-colon-colon-notation32.6.5.6 Watch Expressions
gdb-use-separate-io-buffer32.6.5.5 Other Buffers
general-holidays39.15.2 Customizing the Holidays
global-cwarn-mode31.11.4 Other Commands for C Mode
global-font-lock-mode19.7 Font Lock mode
grep-regexp-alist32.2 Compilation Mode
gud-gdb-command-name32.6.5 GDB Graphical Interface
gud-tooltip-echo-area32.6.2 Debugger Operation
gud-tooltip-mode32.6.2 Debugger Operation
gud-xdb-directories32.6.1 Starting GUD

hebrew-holidays39.15.2 Customizing the Holidays
help-at-pt-display-when-idle11.10 Help on Active Text and Tooltips
help-map57.4.2 Prefix Keymaps
hi-lock-exclude-modes19.8 Interactive Highlighting
hi-lock-file-patterns-policy19.8 Interactive Highlighting
highlight-nonselected-windows12.2 Transient Mark Mode
history-delete-duplicates9.4 Minibuffer History
history-length9.4 Minibuffer History
holidays-in-diary-buffer39.15.5 Customizing the Diary
hourglass-delay19.17 Customization of Display
hs-hide-comments-when-hiding-all31.7 Hideshow minor mode
hs-isearch-open31.7 Hideshow minor mode
hs-special-modes-alist31.7 Hideshow minor mode
hscroll-margin19.3 Horizontal Scrolling
hscroll-step19.3 Horizontal Scrolling

image-dired-external-viewer38.18 Viewing Image Thumbnails in Dired
imenu-auto-rescan31.2.3 Imenu
imenu-sort-function31.2.3 Imenu
indent-tabs-mode29.3 Tabs vs. Spaces
indent-tabs-mode (Fortran mode) Continuation Lines
indicate-buffer-boundaries19.10 Displaying Boundaries
indicate-empty-lines19.11 Useless Whitespace
inferior-lisp-program32.11 Running an External Lisp
inhibit-eol-conversion27.8 Recognizing Coding Systems
inhibit-iso-escape-detection27.8 Recognizing Coding Systems
inhibit-splash-screenC.2 Initial Options
inhibit-startup-buffer-menuC.1 Action Arguments
initial-calendar-window-hook39.15.1 Customizing the Calendar
initial-major-mode6. Entering and Exiting Emacs
input-method-highlight-flag27.4 Input Methods
input-method-verbose-flag27.4 Input Methods
insert-default-directory23.1 File Names
interpreter-mode-alist28.1 How Major Modes are Chosen
inverse-video19.17 Customization of Display
isearch-lazy-highlight20.1.7 Lazy Search Highlighting
isearch-mode-map20.1.4 Special Input for Incremental Search
isearch-resume-in-command-history9.5 Repeating Minibuffer Commands
islamic-holidays39.15.2 Customizing the Holidays
ispell-complete-word-dict21.5 Checking and Correcting Spelling
ispell-dictionary21.5 Checking and Correcting Spelling

jdb-mode-hook32.6.4 GUD Customization

kept-new-versions23.3.2.3 Automatic Deletion of Backups
kept-old-versions23.3.2.3 Automatic Deletion of Backups
keyboard-coding-system27.14 Coding Systems for Terminal I/O
kill-buffer-hook24.4 Killing Buffers
kill-read-only-ok13. Killing and Moving Text
kill-ring14.3 Yanking Earlier Kills
kill-ring-max14.3 Yanking Earlier Kills
kill-whole-line13.2 Killing by Lines
kmacro-ring-max22.2 The Keyboard Macro Ring

large-file-warning-threshold23.2 Visiting Files
latex-block-names30.9.2 LaTeX Editing Commands
latex-mode-hook30.9.4 TeX Mode Miscellany
latex-run-command30.9.3 TeX Printing Commands
latin1-display27.17 Undisplayable Characters
line-number-display-limit19.13 Optional Mode Line Features
line-number-display-limit-width19.13 Optional Mode Line Features
lisp-body-indent31.3.3 Customizing Lisp Indentation
lisp-indent-offset31.3.3 Customizing Lisp Indentation
lisp-interaction-mode-hook31.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages
lisp-mode-hook31.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages
list-diary-entries-hook39.15.7 Fancy Diary Display
list-directory-brief-switches23.9 File Directories
list-directory-verbose-switches23.9 File Directories
load-dangerous-libraries32.8 Libraries of Lisp Code for Emacs
load-path32.8 Libraries of Lisp Code for Emacs
local-holidays39.15.2 Customizing the Holidays
locale-charset-language-names27.3 Language Environments
locale-coding-system27.12 Coding Systems for Interprocess Communication
locale-language-names27.3 Language Environments
locale-preferred-coding-systems27.3 Language Environments
locate-command38.16 Dired and find
lpr-add-switches43. Printing Hard Copies
lpr-command (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
lpr-commands43. Printing Hard Copies
lpr-headers-switches43. Printing Hard Copies
lpr-headers-switches (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
lpr-switches43. Printing Hard Copies
lpr-switches (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
ls-lisp-dirs-firstG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-emulationG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-format-time-listG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-ignore-caseG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-support-shell-wildcardsG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-use-insert-directory-programG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-use-localized-time-formatG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows
ls-lisp-verbosityG.3 Emulation of ls on MS-Windows

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