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The ‘texinfo’ filter allows you to spell check Texinfo files. It will skip over any Texinfo commands and their parameters when appropriate. It will also skip over some Texinfo environments such as example. The list option ‘texinfo-ignore’ controls which commands to ignore the parameters of and the list option ‘texinfo-ignore-env’ controls which Texinfo environments to ignore.

The Texinfo filter has special code to deal with the @table and related commands. It will apply the formatting command to each of the @item or @itemx commands just like Texinfo will. This means that if the formatting command is @code and and the @code command is a member of the ‘texinfo-ignore’ option than the Texinfo filter will ignore the parameter of the @item command as if the parameter was also the parameter of the @code command.

The Texinfo filter will also skip over the ‘\input texinfo’ line.

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