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The ‘tex’ (all lowercase) filter mode skips over TeX commands and parameters and/or options to certain commands. It also skips over TeX comments by default. The option ‘[dont-]tex-check-comments’ controls whether or not Aspell will skip over TeX comments. The option ‘add|rem-tex-command’ controls which TeX commands should have certain parameters and/or options also skipped over. Commands that are not specified will have all their parameters and/or options checked. The format for each item is

<command> <a list of p,P,o and Os>

The first item is simply the command name. The second item controls which parameters to skip over. A ’p’ skips over a parameter while a ’P’ doesn’t. Similarly an ’o’ will skip over an optional parameter while an ’O’ doesn’t. The first letter on the list will apply to the first parameter, the second letter will apply to the second parameter etc. If there are more parameters than letters Aspell will simply check them as normal. For example the option

add-tex-command rule pp

will skip over the first two parameters of the rule command while the option

add-tex-command foo Pop

will check the first parameter of the foo command, skip over the next optional parameter, if it is present, and will skip over the second parameter — even if the optional parameter is not present — and will check any additional parameters.

A ‘*’ at the end of the command is simply ignored. For example the option

enlargethispage p

will ignore the first parameter in both ‘enlargethispage’ and ‘enlargethispage*’.

To remove a command simply use the ‘rem-tex-command’ option. For example

rem-tex-command foo

will remove the command foo, if present, from the list of TeX commands.

The TeX filter mode is also available via ‘latex’ alias name.

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