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TpHandle — type representing handles


#include <telepathy-glib/telepathy-glib.h>

typedef             TpHandle;
#define             TP_TYPE_HANDLE
#define             TP_UNKNOWN_HANDLE_TYPE
gboolean            tp_handle_type_is_valid             (TpHandleType type,
                                                         GError **error);
const gchar *       tp_handle_type_to_string            (TpHandleType type);


The TpHandle type represents a Telepathy handle.



typedef guint TpHandle;

Type representing Telepathy handles within telepathy-glib.

This is guint despite the wire protocol having 32-bit integers, because dbus-glib expects GArrays of guint and so on. If the dbus-glib ABI changes in future, telepathy-glib is likely to have a matching ABI change.



The GType of a TpHandle, currently G_TYPE_UINT.

This won't change unless in an ABI-incompatible version of telepathy-glib.


#define TP_UNKNOWN_HANDLE_TYPE ((TpHandleType) -1)

An invalid handle type (-1 cast to TpHandleType) used to represent an unknown handle type.

Since 0.7.0

tp_handle_type_is_valid ()

gboolean            tp_handle_type_is_valid             (TpHandleType type,
                                                         GError **error);

If the given handle type is valid, return TRUE. If not, set error and return FALSE.

type :

A handle type, valid or not, to be checked

error :

Set if the handle type is invalid

Returns :

TRUE if the handle type is valid.

tp_handle_type_to_string ()

const gchar *       tp_handle_type_to_string            (TpHandleType type);

type :

A handle type, which need not be valid

Returns :

a human-readable string describing the handle type, e.g. "contact". For invalid handle types, returns "(no handle)" for 0 or "(invalid handle type)" for others.

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