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pango.FontFace — an object representing a group of fonts varying only in size.


class pango.FontFace(gobject.GObject):
    def describe()
def get_face_name()
def list_sizes()


A pango.FontFace object represents a group of fonts with the same family, weight, slant, stretch and width but varying sizes. A list of font faces can be retrieved from a pango.FontFamily object using the pango.FontFamily.list_faces() method.


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- pango.FontFace



    def describe()

Returns :

a pango.FontDescription object containing the description of the face.

The describe() method returns a pango.FontDescription object containing the family, style, variant, weight and stretch of the pango.FontFace. The size attribute field will be unset.


    def get_face_name()

Returns :

the face name for the face.

The get_face_name() method returns a string representing this font face. This name is unique among all faces in the family and is suitable for displaying to users.


    def list_sizes()

Returns :

a tuple containing a list of face sizes in pango units or None


This method is available in PyGTK 2.4 and above.

The list_sizes() method returns a tuple containing the available sizes for a bitmap font. If the font face is a scalable font this method returns None.

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