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containing a toggle button (new in PyGTK 2.4)


class gtk.ToggleToolButton(gtk.ToolButton):
def set_active(is_active)
def get_active()


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.Widget
      +-- gtk.Container
        +-- gtk.Bin
          +-- gtk.ToolItem
            +-- gtk.ToolButton
              +-- gtk.ToggleToolButton

Implemented Interfaces

gtk.ToggleToolButton implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.ToggleToolButton Properties

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gtk.ToolItem Properties

gtk.ToolButton Properties

"active"Read-WriteIf the toggle tool button should be pressed in or not. This property is available in GTK+ 2.8 and above.

gtk.ToggleToolButton Style Properties

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gtk.ToolButton Style Properties

gtk.ToggleToolButton Signal Prototypes

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gtk.ToolButton Signal Prototypes


def callback(toggletoolbutton, user_param1, ...)



This widget is available in PyGTK 2.4 and above.

A gtk.ToggleToolButton is a gtk.ToolItem that contains a toggle button. Use the gtk.ToggleToolButton() constructor to create a new gtk.ToggleToolButton.



stock_id :

the name of a stock item

Returns :

a newly created gtk.ToggleToolButton


This constructor is available in PyGTK 2.4 and above.

Creates a new gtk.ToggleToolButton. If stock_id is not None the toggle tool button contains the image and text from the specified stock item.



    def set_active(is_active)

is_active :

if True the toggle tool button is active


This method is available in PyGTK 2.4 and above.

The set_active() method sets the status of the toggle tool button to the value specified by is_active. If is_active is True the gtk.ToggleButton is 'pressed in' (active). This method causes the toggled signal to be emitted.


    def get_active()

Returns :

True if the toggle tool button is pressed in (active)


This method is available in PyGTK 2.4 and above.

The get_active() method returns True if the toggle tool button is pressed in (active) and False if it is raised.


The "toggled" gtk.ToggleToolButton Signal

    def callback(toggletoolbutton, user_param1, ...)

toggletoolbutton :

the toggletoolbutton that received the signal

user_param1 :

the first user parameter (if any) specified with the connect() method

... :

additional user parameters (if any)


This signal is available in GTK+ 2.4 and above.

The "toggled" signal is emitted when the toggle tool button changes state.

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