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): gtk.RadioButton(group=None, label=None, use_underline=True)
def get_group()
def set_group(group)


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Implemented Interfaces

gtk.RadioButton implements gtk.Buildable

gtk.RadioButton Properties

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"group"WriteThe group that the radiobutton is in.

gtk.RadioButton Style Properties

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gtk.RadioButton Signal Prototypes

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def callback(radiobutton, user_param1, ...)


A single gtk.RadioButton performs the same basic function as a gtk.CheckButton, as it's position in the object hierarchy reflects. It is only when multiple radio buttons are grouped together that they become a different user interface component in their own right. Every radio button is a member of some group of radio buttons. When one is selected, all other radio buttons in the same group are deselected. A gtk.RadioButton is used to give the user a choice of one of many options.

Radio button widgets are created with gtk.RadioButton() passing None as the group (first) argument if this is the first radio button in a group. In subsequent calls, pass a reference to a gtk.RadioButton as the first argument to specify the group. The second (optional) argument to gtk.RadioButton() is a label that is used to specify the text of the button. The label text is parsed for mnemonic characters (preceded by an underscore) to specify an accelerator for the radiobutton. See gtk.AccelGroup and gtk.AccelLabel for more information on mnemonic accelerators.

To retrieve the group a gtk.RadioButton is assigned to, use the get_group() method. To remove a gtk.RadioButton from one group and make it part of a new one, use the set_group() method.


    gtk.RadioButton(group=None, label=None, use_underline=True)

group :

an existing gtk.RadioButton or None

label :

a string to use as the button text or None

use_underline :

if True, an underscore in the label text indicates the next character should be underlined and used for the mnemonic accelerator key if it is the first character so marked. Available in PyGTK 2.4 and above.

Returns :

a new gtk.RadioButton widget

Creates a new gtk.RadioButton widget with the label text specified by label, adding it to the same group as group. label is parsed for underscore characters that indicate mnemonic accelerators. If label is None, no label is created. If group is None, the new radiobutton becomes the first member of a new radiobutton group.

In PyGTK 2.4 and above the use_underline parameter is available and defaults to True. If use_underline is set to False the label text will not be parsed for mnemonic characters.



    def get_group()

Returns :

the list of radiobuttons in the same group that contains the radiobutton or None

The get_group() method returns the list of radiobuttons that are in the same group as the radiobutton or None if the radiobutton is not in a group.


    def set_group(group)

group :

a gtk.RadioButton whose group the radiobutton will be added to or None

The set_group() method adds the radiobutton to the group of the radiobutton specified by group.

In PyGTK 2.6.2 and above, if group is None the radiobutton is removed from its current group.


The "group-changed" gtk.RadioButton Signal

    def callback(radiobutton, user_param1, ...)

radiobutton :

the radiobutton that received the signal

user_param1 :

the first user parameter (if any) specified with the connect() method

... :

additional user parameters (if any)


This signal is available in GTK+ 2.4 and above.

The "group-changed" signal is emitted when a gtk.RadioButton is added to or removed from the group.

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