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PolkitIdentity — Type for representing identities

Object Hierarchy



PolkitIdentity requires GObject.

Known Implementations

PolkitIdentity is implemented by PolkitUnixGroup and PolkitUnixUser.


PolkitIdentity is an abstract type for representing one or more identities.



typedef struct _PolkitIdentity PolkitIdentity;

Generic type for all objects that can be used as identities.


typedef struct {
  GTypeInterface parent_iface;

  guint    (*hash)      (PolkitIdentity *identity);

  gboolean (*equal)     (PolkitIdentity *a,
                         PolkitIdentity *b);

  gchar *  (*to_string) (PolkitIdentity *identity);
} PolkitIdentityIface;

An interface for identities.

GTypeInterface parent_iface;

The parent interface.

hash ()

Gets a hash value for a PolkitIdentity.

equal ()

Checks if two PolkitIdentitys are equal.

to_string ()

Serializes a PolkitIdentity to a string that can be used in polkit_identity_from_string().

polkit_identity_hash ()

guint               polkit_identity_hash                (PolkitIdentity *a);

Gets a hash code for identity that can be used with e.g. g_hash_table_new().

identity :

A PolkitIdentity.

Returns :

A hash code.

polkit_identity_equal ()

gboolean            polkit_identity_equal               (PolkitIdentity *a,
                                                         PolkitIdentity *b);

Checks if a and b are equal, ie. represent the same identity.

This function can be used in e.g. g_hash_table_new().

a :

A PolkitIdentity.

b :

A PolkitIdentity.

Returns :

TRUE if a and b are equal, FALSE otherwise.

polkit_identity_to_string ()

gchar *             polkit_identity_to_string           (PolkitIdentity *identity);

Serializes identity to a string that can be used in polkit_identity_from_string().

identity :

A PolkitIdentity.

Returns :

A string representing identity. Free with g_free().

polkit_identity_from_string ()

PolkitIdentity *    polkit_identity_from_string         (const gchar *str,
                                                         GError **error);

Creates an object from str that implements the PolkitIdentity interface.

str :

A string obtained from polkit_identity_to_string().

error :

Return location for error.

Returns :

A PolkitIdentity or NULL if error is set. Free with g_object_unref().
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