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typedef struct _GnomePrintJob GnomePrintJob;

gnome_print_job_new ()

GnomePrintJob *     gnome_print_job_new                 (GnomePrintConfig *config);

Creates a new GnomePrintJob.

config :

The job options, can be NULL in which case a default GnomePrintConfig is created

Returns :

A new GnomePrintJob, NULL on error

gnome_print_job_get_config ()

GnomePrintConfig *  gnome_print_job_get_config          (GnomePrintJob *job);

Gets a referenced pointer to the configuration of the job

Returns :

a referenced GnomePrintConfig for this job, NULL on error

gnome_print_job_get_context ()

GnomePrintContext * gnome_print_job_get_context         (GnomePrintJob *job);

Retrieve the GnomePrintContext which applications print to.

The caller is responsible to unref the context when s/he is done with it.

job :

An initialised GnomePrintJob.

Returns :

The printing context, NULL on error

gnome_print_job_close ()

gint                gnome_print_job_close               (GnomePrintJob *job);

Closes the GnomePrintJob job, ready for printing or previewing. To be called after the application has finished sending the drawing commands

job :

A GnomePrintJob which has had printing performed

Returns :

gnome_print_job_print ()

gint                gnome_print_job_print               (GnomePrintJob *job);

Print the pages stored in the GnomePrintJob to the phyisical printing device.

job :

A closed GnomePrintJob.

Returns :


gnome_print_job_render ()

gint                gnome_print_job_render              (GnomePrintJob *job,
                                                         GnomePrintContext *ctx);

Renders printout to specified context (with layout, ignoring copies)

Returns :

gnome_print_job_render_page ()

gint                gnome_print_job_render_page         (GnomePrintJob *job,
                                                         GnomePrintContext *ctx,
                                                         gint page,
                                                         gboolean pageops);

Renders the specified page page

Returns :

gnome_print_job_get_pages ()

gint                gnome_print_job_get_pages           (GnomePrintJob *job);

Find the number of pages stored in a completed printout. This is the number of physical pages, so if the layout can hold 4 pages per page, and 5 logical pages are printed (5 beginpage/endpage convinations) 2 is returned

job :

An initialised and closed GnomePrintJob.

Returns :

the number of pages, 0 on error

gnome_print_job_get_page_size_from_config ()

gboolean            gnome_print_job_get_page_size_from_config
                                                        (GnomePrintConfig *config,
                                                         gdouble *width,
                                                         gdouble *height);

Deprecated, use gnome_print_config_get_page_size

Returns :

TRUE on success, FALSE on error

gnome_print_job_print_to_file ()

gint                gnome_print_job_print_to_file       (GnomePrintJob *job,
                                                         gchar *output);

job :

output :

Returns :

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