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BonoboItemContainer — this implements a simple container interface for compound document containers

Object Hierarchy



  "get-object"                                     : Run Last


This implementation is mostly deprecated, see BonoboItemHandler



typedef struct _BonoboItemContainer BonoboItemContainer;

Object that implements Bonobo::ItemHandler


typedef struct {
	BonoboObjectClass parent_class;

	POA_Bonobo_ItemContainer__epv epv;

	Bonobo_Unknown (*get_object) (BonoboItemContainer *item_container,
				      CORBA_char          *item_name,
				      CORBA_boolean        only_if_exists,
				      CORBA_Environment   *ev);
} BonoboItemContainerClass;

BonoboItemContainer's class

bonobo_item_container_new ()

BonoboItemContainer * bonobo_item_container_new         (void);

Creates a new BonoboItemContainer object. These are used to hold client sites.

Returns :

The newly created BonoboItemContainer object

bonobo_item_container_add ()

void                bonobo_item_container_add           (BonoboItemContainer *container,
                                                         const char *name,
                                                         BonoboObject *object);

Adds the object to the list of objects managed by this container

container :

The object to operate on.

name :

The name of the object

object :

The object to add to the container

bonobo_item_container_remove_by_name ()

void                bonobo_item_container_remove_by_name
                                                        (BonoboItemContainer *container,
                                                         const char *name);

Removes the named object from the container

container :

The object to operate on.

name :

The name of the object to remove from the container

Signal Details

The "get-object" signal

BonoboUnknown*      user_function                      (BonoboItemContainer  *bonoboitemcontainer,
                                                        gchar                *arg1,
                                                        gboolean              arg2,
                                                        BonoboCorbaException *arg3,
                                                        gpointer              user_data)                : Run Last

Signal emitted when a sub-object is requested from the item container.

bonoboitemcontainer :

the object which received the signal.

arg1 :

the item name, i.e. the string after the '!' character, usually a semicolon separated list of key=value options

arg2 :

the "only_if_exists" flag; if TRUE, client requests that subobject be returned if it exists, but that it should not be created on demand if it doesn't

arg3 :

environment, in case the signal wishes to raise an exception

user_data :

user data set when the signal handler was connected.

Returns :

an object contained by the item container, or CORBA_OBJECT_NIL.
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