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API reference

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GtkAnimView — Subclass of GtkImageView capable of playing GIF animations.
GtkIImageTool — Interface for objects capable of being used as tools by GtkImageView
GtkImageNav — Navigation window showing a thumbnailed overview of a GtkImageView.
Screenshot of an active navigation window
GtkImageScrollWin — Scrollable window suitable for GtkImageView
GtkImageToolDragger — Default image tool for paning the image
GtkImageToolSelector — Image tool for selecting rectangular regions
Screenshot showing a GtkImageToolSelector with an active selection on a GtkImageView
GtkImageView — General purpose image viewer for Gtk+
Screenshot of the ./tests/interactive demo application
gdkpixbufdrawcache — Cache for drawing scaled pixbufs
gtkzooms — Functions for dealing with zoom factors

This is the API reference for GtkImageView.

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