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GtkHButtonBox — A container for arranging buttons horizontally


Types and Values

struct GtkHButtonBox

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GtkWidget
            ╰── GtkContainer
                ╰── GtkBox
                    ╰── GtkButtonBox
                        ╰── GtkHButtonBox

Implemented Interfaces

GtkHButtonBox implements AtkImplementorIface, GtkBuildable and GtkOrientable.


#include <gtk/gtk.h>


A button box should be used to provide a consistent layout of buttons throughout your application. The layout/spacing can be altered by the programmer, or if desired, by the user to alter the “feel” of a program to a small degree.

A GtkHButtonBox is created with gtk_hbutton_box_new(). Buttons are packed into a button box the same way widgets are added to any other container, using gtk_container_add(). You can also use gtk_box_pack_start() or gtk_box_pack_end(), but for button boxes both these functions work just like gtk_container_add(), ie., they pack the button in a way that depends on the current layout style and on whether the button has had gtk_button_box_set_child_secondary() called on it.

The spacing between buttons can be set with gtk_box_set_spacing(). The arrangement and layout of the buttons can be changed with gtk_button_box_set_layout().

GtkHButtonBox has been deprecated, use GtkButtonBox instead.


gtk_hbutton_box_new ()

GtkWidget *
gtk_hbutton_box_new (void);

gtk_hbutton_box_new has been deprecated since version 3.2 and should not be used in newly-written code.

Use gtk_button_box_new() with GTK_ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL instead

Creates a new horizontal button box.


a new button box GtkWidget.

Types and Values

struct GtkHButtonBox

struct GtkHButtonBox;
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