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GtkCellRendererSpin — Renders a spin button in a cell


GtkAdjustment * adjustment Read / Write
double climb-rate Read / Write
guint digits Read / Write

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GtkCellRenderer
            ╰── GtkCellRendererText
                ╰── GtkCellRendererSpin


#include <gtk/gtk.h>


GtkCellRendererSpin renders text in a cell like GtkCellRendererText from which it is derived. But while GtkCellRendererText offers a simple entry to edit the text, GtkCellRendererSpin offers a GtkSpinButton widget. Of course, that means that the text has to be parseable as a floating point number.

The range of the spinbutton is taken from the adjustment property of the cell renderer, which can be set explicitly or mapped to a column in the tree model, like all properties of cell renders. GtkCellRendererSpin also has properties for the “climb-rate” and the number of “digits” to display. Other GtkSpinButton properties can be set in a handler for the “editing-started” signal.

The GtkCellRendererSpin cell renderer was added in GTK+ 2.10.


gtk_cell_renderer_spin_new ()

GtkCellRenderer *
gtk_cell_renderer_spin_new (void);

Creates a new GtkCellRendererSpin.


a new GtkCellRendererSpin

Since: 2.10

Types and Values

struct GtkCellRendererSpin

struct GtkCellRendererSpin;

Property Details

The “adjustment” property

  “adjustment”               GtkAdjustment *

The adjustment that holds the value of the spinbutton. This must be non-NULL for the cell renderer to be editable.

Owner: GtkCellRendererSpin

Flags: Read / Write

Since: 2.10

The “climb-rate” property

  “climb-rate”               double

The acceleration rate when you hold down a button.

Owner: GtkCellRendererSpin

Flags: Read / Write

Allowed values: >= 0

Default value: 0

Since: 2.10

The “digits” property

  “digits”                   guint

The number of decimal places to display.

Owner: GtkCellRendererSpin

Flags: Read / Write

Allowed values: <= 20

Default value: 0

Since: 2.10

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