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GtkRecentChooserMenu — Displays recently used files in a menu


gboolean show-numbers Read / Write

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GtkWidget
            ╰── GtkContainer
                ╰── GtkMenuShell
                    ╰── GtkMenu
                        ╰── GtkRecentChooserMenu

Implemented Interfaces

GtkRecentChooserMenu implements AtkImplementorIface, GtkBuildable, GtkRecentChooser and GtkActivatable.


#include <gtk/gtk.h>


GtkRecentChooserMenu is a widget suitable for displaying recently used files inside a menu. It can be used to set a sub-menu of a GtkMenuItem using gtk_menu_item_set_submenu(), or as the menu of a GtkMenuToolButton.

Note that GtkRecentChooserMenu does not have any methods of its own. Instead, you should use the functions that work on a GtkRecentChooser.

Note also that GtkRecentChooserMenu does not support multiple filters, as it has no way to let the user choose between them as the GtkRecentChooserWidget and GtkRecentChooserDialog widgets do. Thus using gtk_recent_chooser_add_filter() on a GtkRecentChooserMenu widget will yield the same effects as using gtk_recent_chooser_set_filter(), replacing any currently set filter with the supplied filter; gtk_recent_chooser_remove_filter() will remove any currently set GtkRecentFilter object and will unset the current filter; gtk_recent_chooser_list_filters() will return a list containing a single GtkRecentFilter object.

Recently used files are supported since GTK+ 2.10.


gtk_recent_chooser_menu_new ()

GtkWidget *
gtk_recent_chooser_menu_new (void);

Creates a new GtkRecentChooserMenu widget.

This kind of widget shows the list of recently used resources as a menu, each item as a menu item. Each item inside the menu might have an icon, representing its MIME type, and a number, for mnemonic access.

This widget implements the GtkRecentChooser interface.

This widget creates its own GtkRecentManager object. See the gtk_recent_chooser_menu_new_for_manager() function to know how to create a GtkRecentChooserMenu widget bound to another GtkRecentManager object.


a new GtkRecentChooserMenu

Since 2.10

gtk_recent_chooser_menu_new_for_manager ()

GtkWidget *
                               (GtkRecentManager *manager);

Creates a new GtkRecentChooserMenu widget using manager as the underlying recently used resources manager.

This is useful if you have implemented your own recent manager, or if you have a customized instance of a GtkRecentManager object or if you wish to share a common GtkRecentManager object among multiple GtkRecentChooser widgets.



a GtkRecentManager



a new GtkRecentChooserMenu, bound to manager .

Since 2.10

gtk_recent_chooser_menu_get_show_numbers ()

                               (GtkRecentChooserMenu *menu);

Returns the value set by gtk_recent_chooser_menu_set_show_numbers().



TRUE if numbers should be shown.

Since 2.10

gtk_recent_chooser_menu_set_show_numbers ()

                               (GtkRecentChooserMenu *menu,
                                gboolean show_numbers);

Sets whether a number should be added to the items of menu . The numbers are shown to provide a unique character for a mnemonic to be used inside ten menu item’s label. Only the first the items get a number to avoid clashes.



a GtkRecentChooserMenu



whether to show numbers


Since 2.10

Types and Values

struct GtkRecentChooserMenu

struct GtkRecentChooserMenu;

Property Details

The “show-numbers” property

  “show-numbers”             gboolean

Whether the first ten items in the menu should be prepended by a number acting as a unique mnemonic.

Flags: Read / Write

Default value: FALSE

Since 2.10

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