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GtkSeparatorToolItem — A toolbar item that separates groups of other toolbar items

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

GtkSeparatorToolItem implements GtkActivatable, AtkImplementorIface and GtkBuildable.


  "draw"                     gboolean              : Read / Write


A GtkSeparatorItem is a GtkToolItem that separates groups of other GtkToolItems. Depending on the theme, a GtkSeparatorToolItem will often look like a vertical line on horizontally docked toolbars.

If the property "expand" is TRUE and the property "draw" is FALSE, a GtkSeparatorToolItem will act as a "spring" that forces other items to the ends of the toolbar.

Use gtk_separator_tool_item_new() to create a new GtkSeparatorToolItem.



typedef struct _GtkSeparatorToolItem GtkSeparatorToolItem;

The GtkSeparatorToolItem struct contains only private data and should only be accessed through the functions described below.

gtk_separator_tool_item_new ()

GtkToolItem *       gtk_separator_tool_item_new         (void);

Create a new GtkSeparatorToolItem

Returns :

the new GtkSeparatorToolItem

Since 2.4

gtk_separator_tool_item_set_draw ()

void                gtk_separator_tool_item_set_draw    (GtkSeparatorToolItem *item,
                                                         gboolean draw);

Whether item is drawn as a vertical line, or just blank. Setting this to FALSE along with gtk_tool_item_set_expand() is useful to create an item that forces following items to the end of the toolbar.

item :

a GtkSeparatorToolItem

draw :

whether item is drawn as a vertical line

Since 2.4

gtk_separator_tool_item_get_draw ()

gboolean            gtk_separator_tool_item_get_draw    (GtkSeparatorToolItem *item);

Returns whether item is drawn as a line, or just blank. See gtk_separator_tool_item_set_draw().

item :

a GtkSeparatorToolItem

Returns :

TRUE if item is drawn as a line, or just blank.

Since 2.4

Property Details

The "draw" property

  "draw"                     gboolean              : Read / Write

Whether the separator is drawn, or just blank.

Default value: TRUE

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