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GstTracerRecord — Trace log entry class

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GstObject
            ╰── GstTracerRecord


#include <gst/gstprotection.h>


Tracing modules will create instances of this class to announce the data they will log and create a log formatter.


gst_tracer_record_new ()

GstTracerRecord *
gst_tracer_record_new (const gchar *name,
                       const gchar *firstfield,

Create a new tracer record. The record instance can be used to efficiently log entries using gst_tracer_record_log().

The name without the ".class" suffix will be used for the log records. There must be fields for each value that gets logged where the field name is the value name. The field must be a GstStructure describing the value. The sub structure must contain a field called 'type' of G_TYPE_GTYPE that contains the GType of the value. The resulting GstTracerRecord will take ownership of the field structures.

The way to deal with optional values is to log an additional boolean before the optional field, that if TRUE signals that the optional field is valid and FALSE signals that the optional field should be ignored. One must still log a placeholder value for the optional field though. Please also note, that pointer type values must not be NULL - the underlying serialisation can not handle that right now.

Please note that this is still under discussion and subject to change.



name of new record, must end on ".class".



name of first field to set



additional arguments



a new GstTracerRecord.

[transfer full]

gst_tracer_record_log ()

gst_tracer_record_log (GstTracerRecord *self,

Serialzes the trace event into the log.

Right now this is using the gstreamer debug log with the level TRACE (7) and the category "GST_TRACER".

Please note that this is still under discussion and subject to change.



the tracer-record



the args as described in the spec-


Types and Values


typedef struct _GstTracerRecord GstTracerRecord;

enum GstTracerValueFlags

Flag that describe the value. These flags help applications processing the logs to understand the values.



no flags



the value is optional. When using this flag one need to have an additional boolean arg before this value in the var-args list passed to gst_tracer_record_log().



the value is a combined figure, since the start of tracing. Examples are averages or timestamps.


enum GstTracerValueScope

Tracing record will contain fields that contain a meassured value or extra meta-data. One such meta data are values that tell where a measurement was taken. This enumerating declares to which scope such a meta data field relates to. If it is e.g. GST_TRACER_VALUE_SCOPE_PAD, then each of the log events may contain values for different GstPads.



the value is related to the process



the value is related to a thread



the value is related to an GstElement



the value is related to a GstPad


Since: 1.8

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