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GstProtection — Functions and classes to support encrypted streams.

Types and Values


#include <gst/gstprotection.h>


The GstProtectionMeta class enables the information needed to decrypt a GstBuffer to be attached to that buffer.

Typically, a demuxer element would attach GstProtectionMeta objects to the buffers that it pushes downstream. The demuxer would parse the protection information for a video/audio frame from its input data and use this information to populate the GstStructure info field, which is then encapsulated in a GstProtectionMeta object and attached to the corresponding output buffer using the gst_buffer_add_protection_meta() function. The information in this attached GstProtectionMeta would be used by a downstream decrypter element to recover the original unencrypted frame.


gst_buffer_add_protection_meta ()

GstProtectionMeta *
gst_buffer_add_protection_meta (GstBuffer *buffer,
                                GstStructure *info);

Attaches protection metadata to a GstBuffer.



GstBuffer holding an encrypted sample, to which protection metadata should be added.



a GstStructure holding cryptographic information relating to the sample contained in buffer . This function takes ownership of info .

[transfer full]


a pointer to the added GstProtectionMeta if successful; NULL if unsuccessful.

[transfer none]

Since: 1.6


#define             gst_buffer_get_protection_meta(b)

gst_protection_select_system ()

const gchar *
gst_protection_select_system (const gchar **system_identifiers);

Iterates the supplied list of UUIDs and checks the GstRegistry for an element that supports one of the supplied UUIDs. If more than one element matches, the system ID of the highest ranked element is selected.



A null terminated array of strings that contains the UUID values of each protection system that is to be checked.

[transfer none]


One of the strings from system_identifiers that indicates the highest ranked element that implements the protection system indicated by that system ID, or NULL if no element has been found.

[transfer none]

Since: 1.6

Types and Values

struct GstProtectionMeta

struct GstProtectionMeta {
  GstMeta meta;

  GstStructure *info;

Metadata type that holds information about a sample from a protection-protected track, including the information needed to decrypt it (if it is encrypted).


GstMeta meta;

the parent GstMeta.


GstStructure *info;

the cryptographic information needed to decrypt the sample.


Since: 1.6


#define GST_PROTECTION_SYSTEM_ID_CAPS_FIELD "protection-system"

The field name in a GstCaps that is used to signal the UUID of the protection system.

Since: 1.6

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