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Errors — GP11 Errors and error codes.


#define             GP11_VENDOR_CODE
#define             GP11_ERROR
const gchar*        gp11_message_from_rv                (CK_RV rv);
#define             CKR_GP11_MODULE_PROBLEM


GP11 errors are returned as GError structures. The code member of GError contains the raw PKCS11 CK_RV result value.



#define             GP11_VENDOR_CODE                        0x47503131 /* GP11 */

Custom PKCS11 errors that originate from the GP11 library, are based at this error code.


#define             GP11_ERROR                              (gp11_get_error_quark ())

The error domain for GP11 library errors.

gp11_message_from_rv ()

const gchar*        gp11_message_from_rv                (CK_RV rv);

Get a message for a PKCS11 return value or error code. Do not pass CKR_OK or other such non errors to this function.

rv :

The PKCS11 return value to get a message for.

Returns :

The user readable message.


#define             CKR_GP11_MODULE_PROBLEM                 (CKR_VENDOR_DEFINED | (GP11_VENDOR_CODE + 1)) 

A result code that signifies there was a problem loading a PKCS11 module, usually a shared library.

More details can be found in the error string.

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