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GThreadedSocketService — A threaded GSocketService

Object Hierarchy



  "max-threads"              gint                  : Read / Write / Construct Only


  "run"                                            : Run Last


A GThreadedSocketService is a simple subclass of GSocketService that handles incoming connections by creating a worker thread and dispatching the connection to it by emitting the "run" signal in the new thread.

The signal handler may perform blocking IO and need not return until the connection is closed.

The service is implemented using a thread pool, so there is a limited amount of threads available to serve incoming requests. The service automatically stops the GSocketService from accepting new connections when all threads are busy.

As with GSocketService, you may connect to "run", or subclass and override the default handler.



typedef struct _GThreadedSocketService GThreadedSocketService;

A helper class for handling accepting incomming connections in the glib mainloop and handling them in a thread.

Since 2.22

g_threaded_socket_service_new ()

GSocketService *         g_threaded_socket_service_new  (int max_threads);

Creates a new GThreadedSocketService with no listeners. Listeners must be added with one of the GSocketListener "add" methods.

max_threads :

the maximal number of threads to execute concurrently handling incoming clients, -1 means no limit

Returns :

a new GSocketService.

Since 2.22

Property Details

The "max-threads" property

  "max-threads"              gint                  : Read / Write / Construct Only

The max number of threads handling clients for this service.

Allowed values: >= G_MAXULONG

Default value: 10

Signal Details

The "run" signal

gboolean            user_function                      (GThreadedSocketService *service,
                                                        GSocketConnection      *connection,
                                                        GObject                *source_object,
                                                        gpointer                user_data)          : Run Last

The ::run signal is emitted in a worker thread in response to an incoming connection. This thread is dedicated to handling connection and may perform blocking IO. The signal handler need not return until the connection is closed.

service :

the GThreadedSocketService.

connection :

a new GSocketConnection object.

source_object :

the source_object passed to g_socket_listener_add_address().

user_data :

user data set when the signal handler was connected.

Returns :

TRUE to stop further signal handlers from being called

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