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GTcpWrapperConnection — wrapper for non-GSocketConnection-based, GSocket-based GIOStreams

Object Hierarchy



  "base-io-stream"           GIOStream*            : Read / Write / Construct Only


A GTcpWrapperConnection can be used to wrap a GIOStream that is based on a GSocket, but which is not actually a GSocketConnection. This is used by GSocketClient so that it can always return a GSocketConnection, even when the connection it has actually created is not directly a GSocketConnection.



typedef struct _GTcpWrapperConnection GTcpWrapperConnection;

g_tcp_wrapper_connection_new ()

GSocketConnection * g_tcp_wrapper_connection_new        (GIOStream *base_io_stream,
                                                         GSocket *socket);

Wraps base_io_stream and socket together as a GSocketConnection.

base_io_stream :

the GIOStream to wrap

socket :

the GSocket associated with base_io_stream

Returns :

the new GSocketConnection.

Since 2.28

g_tcp_wrapper_connection_get_base_io_stream ()

GIOStream *         g_tcp_wrapper_connection_get_base_io_stream
                                                        (GTcpWrapperConnection *conn);

Get's conn's base GIOStream

conn :

a GTcpWrapperConnection

Returns :

conn's base GIOStream. [transfer none]

Property Details

The "base-io-stream" property

  "base-io-stream"           GIOStream*            : Read / Write / Construct Only

The wrapped GIOStream.

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