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geoclue-address-details — Convenience functions for handling Geoclue address GHashTables



geoclue_address_details_copy ()

GHashTable *        geoclue_address_details_copy        (GHashTable *source);

Deep-copies a GHashTable.

source :

GHashTable to copy

Returns :

New, deep copied GHashTable

geoclue_address_details_get_accuracy_level ()

GeoclueAccuracyLevel geoclue_address_details_get_accuracy_level
                                                        (GHashTable *address);

Returns a GeoclueAccuracy that best describes the accuracy of address

address :

A GHashTable with address hash values

Returns :


geoclue_address_details_insert ()

void                geoclue_address_details_insert      (GHashTable *address,
                                                         const char *key,
                                                         const char *value);

Adds a address field into address. Will take copies of the strings.

address :

GHashTable to insert value in

key :

the key to use, one of GEOCLUE_ADDRESS_KEY_*

value :

value to insert into address

geoclue_address_details_new ()

GHashTable *        geoclue_address_details_new         ();

Creates a new GHashTable suitable for Geoclue Address details. Both keys and values inserted to this GHashTable will be freed on g_hash_table_destroy().

Returns :

New GHashTable

geoclue_address_details_set_country_from_code ()

void                geoclue_address_details_set_country_from_code
                                                        (GHashTable *address);

Uses the "ISO 3166-1 alpha-2" list to figure out the country name matching the country code in details, and adds the country name to details.

Using this function in providers is useful even when the data source includes country name: this way names are standardized.

address :

GHashTable with address data
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