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GeoclueMaster — Geoclue Master API

Object Hierarchy



GeoclueMaster is part of the Geoclue public C client API. It uses D-Bus to communicate with the actual Master service.

GeoclueMaster is a singleton service, so it should not be created explicitly: instead one should use geoclue_master_get_default() to get a reference to it. It can be used to create a GeoclueMasterClient object.



#define GEOCLUE_MASTER_DBUS_INTERFACE "org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Master"


#define GEOCLUE_MASTER_DBUS_PATH "/org/freedesktop/Geoclue/Master"


#define GEOCLUE_MASTER_DBUS_SERVICE "org.freedesktop.Geoclue.Master"

GeoclueCreateClientCallback ()

void                (*GeoclueCreateClientCallback)      (GeoclueMaster *master,
                                                         GeoclueMasterClient *client,
                                                         char *object_path,
                                                         GError *error,
                                                         gpointer userdata);


typedef struct _GeoclueMaster GeoclueMaster;


typedef struct {
	GObjectClass parent_class;
} GeoclueMasterClass;

geoclue_master_create_client ()

GeoclueMasterClient * geoclue_master_create_client      (GeoclueMaster *master,
                                                         char **object_path,
                                                         GError **error);

Creates a GeoclueMasterClient and puts the D-Bus object path in object_path.

master :

A GeoclueMaster object

object_path :

Pointer to returned GeoclueMasterClient D-Bus object path or NULL

error :

Pointer to returned GError or NULL

Returns :

A new GeoclueMasterClient or NULL on error.

geoclue_master_create_client_async ()

void                geoclue_master_create_client_async  (GeoclueMaster *master,
                                                         GeoclueCreateClientCallback callback,
                                                         gpointer userdata);

geoclue_master_get_default ()

GeoclueMaster *     geoclue_master_get_default          (void);

Returns the default GeoclueMaster object. Should be unreferenced once the client is finished with it.

Returns :

A reference to the default GeoclueMaster object
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