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GDataBatchable — GData batch service interface

Stability Level

Stable, unless otherwise indicated

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GDataBatchable


GDataBatchable requires GDataService.

Known Implementations

GDataBatchable is implemented by GDataCalendarService, GDataContactsService, GDataDocumentsService and GDataYouTubeService.


#include <gdata/gdata-batchable.h>


GDataBatchable is an interface which can be implemented by GDataServices which support batch operations on their entries. It allows the creation of a GDataBatchOperation for the service, which allows a set of batch operations to be run.


gdata_batchable_create_operation ()

GDataBatchOperation *
gdata_batchable_create_operation (GDataBatchable *self,
                                  GDataAuthorizationDomain *domain,
                                  const gchar *feed_uri);

Creates a new GDataBatchOperation for the given GDataBatchable service, and with the given feed_uri . feed_uri is normally the GDATA_LINK_BATCH link URI in the appropriate GDataFeed from the service. If authorization will be required to perform any of the requests in the batch operation, domain must be non-NULL, and must be an authorization domain which covers all of the requests. Otherwise, domain may be NULL if authorization is not required.



a GDataBatchable



the GDataAuthorizationDomain to authorize the operation, or NULL.



the URI to send the batch operation request to



a new GDataBatchOperation; unref with g_object_unref().

[transfer full]

Since: 0.9.0

Types and Values


typedef struct _GDataBatchable GDataBatchable;

All the fields in the GDataBatchable structure are private and should never be accessed directly.

Since: 0.7.0


typedef struct {
	gboolean (*is_supported) (GDataBatchOperationType operation_type);
} GDataBatchableIface;

All the fields in the GDataBatchableIface structure are private and should never be accessed directly.


is_supported ()

Determines whether the given GDataBatchOperationType is supported by this GDataBatchable; if not, operations using it will return GDATA_SERVICE_ERROR_WITH_BATCH_OPERATION. It is valid for a GDataBatchable to return FALSE for all GDataBatchOperationTypes if the server no longer supports batch operations. If this method is not implemented, it is assumed that all GDataBatchOperationTypes are supported. Since: 0.17.2.


Since: 0.7.0

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