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GcrSecureEntryBuffer — a GtkEntryBuffer that uses non-pageable memory


GtkEntryBuffer * gcr_secure_entry_buffer_new ()

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GtkEntryBuffer
        ╰── GcrSecureEntryBuffer


It's good practice to try to keep passwords or sensitive secrets out of pageable memory whenever possible, so that they don't get written to disk.

This is a GtkEntryBuffer to be used with GtkEntry which uses non-pageable memory to store a password placed in the entry. In order to make any sense at all, the entry must have it's visibility turned off, and just be displaying place holder characters for the text. That is, a password style entry.

Use gtk_entry_new_with_buffer() or gtk_entry_set_buffer() to set this buffer on an entry.


gcr_secure_entry_buffer_new ()

GtkEntryBuffer *
gcr_secure_entry_buffer_new (void);

Create a new GcrSecureEntryBuffer, a GtkEntryBuffer which uses non-pageable memory for the text.


the new entry buffer.

[transfer full]

Types and Values

struct GcrSecureEntryBuffer

struct GcrSecureEntryBuffer;

A GtkEntryBuffer which uses non-pageable memory for passwords or secrets.

struct GcrSecureEntryBufferClass

struct GcrSecureEntryBufferClass {
	GtkEntryBufferClass parent_class;

The class for GcrSecureEntryBuffer.


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