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EggDBusInterfaceProxy — Abstract base class for interface proxies

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EggDBusInterfaceProxy is an abstract base class that all interface proxies for concrete D-Bus interfaces are derived from. The base class provides a way to get the EggDBusObjectProxy and also maps D-Bus properties to GObject properties.

You normally get an interface proxy by using the QUERY_INTERFACE() macros in generated glue GInterface code; for example for the interface proxy for the org.freedesktop.DBus D-Bus interface, you should use the EGG_DBUS_QUERY_INTERFACE_BUS() macro:

EggDBusBus *bus;

bus = EGG_DBUS_QUERY_INTERFACE_BUS (object_proxy);

In this example you can use the bus object to invoke methods on the org.freedesktop.DBus interface on the remote object represented by object_proxy. In addition, D-Bus properties and signals are available as GObject properties and signals on interface proxy objects.



typedef struct _EggDBusInterfaceProxy EggDBusInterfaceProxy;

egg_dbus_interface_proxy_get_object_proxy ()

EggDBusObjectProxy * egg_dbus_interface_proxy_get_object_proxy
                                                        (EggDBusInterfaceProxy *interface_proxy);

Gets the object proxy that interface_proxy is associated with.

interface_proxy :

A EggDBusInterfaceProxy.

Returns :

A EggDBusObjectProxy. Do not free, the returned object is owned by interface_proxy.

egg_dbus_interface_proxy_get_interface_iface ()

EggDBusInterfaceIface * egg_dbus_interface_proxy_get_interface_iface
                                                        (EggDBusInterfaceProxy *interface_proxy);

Gets the D-Bus interface VTable for interface_proxy.

interface_proxy :

A EggDBusInterfaceProxy.

Returns :

A EggDBusInterfaceIface.

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