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zdump(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual                 zdump(8)


     zdump -- timezone dumper


     zdump [--version] [-v] [-c cutoffyear] [zonename ...]


     The zdump utility prints the current time in each zonename named on the
     command line.

     The following options are available:

             Output version information and exit.

     -v      For each zonename on the command line, print the time at the low-
             est possible time value, the time one day after the lowest possi-
             ble time value, the times both one second before and exactly at
             each detected time discontinuity, the time at one day less than
             the highest possible time value, and the time at the highest pos-
             sible time value, Each line ends with isdst=1 if the given time
             is Daylight Saving Time or isdst=0 otherwise.

     -c cutoffyear
             Cut off the verbose output near the start of the given year.


     ctime(3), tzfile(5), zic(8)

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