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softwareupdate(8)         BSD System Manager's Manual        softwareupdate(8)


     softwareupdate -- system software update tool


     softwareupdate command [args ...]


     Software Update checks for new and updated versions of your software
     based on information about your computer and current software.

     Invoke softwareupdate by specifying a command followed by zero or more
     args.  softwareupdate must be run as root, regardless of which command is

     The following modes are available:

     -l | --list
                 List all available updates.

     -d | --download

     -i | --install
                 Each update specified by args is downloaded and unarchived,
                 and also installed.  args can be one of the following:

                 item ...    One or more update names.

                 -a | --all  All appropriate updates.

                 -r | --req  All required updates.

     --ignore ...
                 Manages the per-machine list of ignored updates.

                 Clears the list of all ignored updates.

     --schedule  Manages the per-machine scheduler preferences.  args should
                 be one of the following words:

                 on | off    Enable or disable automatic checking.

     -h | --help
                 Print command usage.


     The following examples are shown as given to the shell:

     sudo softwareupdate --list

           * iPhoto-2.0
                   iPhoto, 2.0, 34100K [recommended]
           * iSync-1.0
                   iSync, 1.0, 4840K [recommended]
           * StuffItExpander7-7.0
                   StuffIt Expander Security Update, 7.0, 4420K [recommended]
           - iCal-1.0.2
                   iCal, 1.0.2, 6520K
           * AirPortSW-4.1
                   AirPort Software, 4.1, 13880K [recommended] [restart]

     sudo softwareupdate --install iCal-1.0.2

           Software Update Tool
           Copyright 2002-2003 Apple Computer, Inc.

           Installing iCal:
           0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 Done.

     sudo softwareupdate --ignore iCal iPhoto

           Ignored updates:
           (iPod, SafariUpdate)

     sudo softwareupdate --schedule

           Automatic check is on


     COMMAND_LINE_INSTALL  Set when downloading or installing using the
                           softwareupdate command. Scripts can check for the
                           existence of this variable to determine if they are
                           executing in a command line environment (i.e. there
                           may be no WindowServer available).


     /usr/sbin/softwareupdate  Software Update tool

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