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firmwarepasswd(8)         BSD System Manager's Manual        firmwarepasswd(8)


     firmwarepasswd -- tool for setting and removing firmware passwords on a


     firmwarepasswd [-setpasswd] [-setmode mode] [-mode] [-check] [-delete]
                    [-verify] [-unlockseed] [-h]


     The firmwarepasswd command is used to add or remove firmware passwords
     from a system as well as check status and other options.  The
     firmwarepasswd command requires root privileges to run.

     A list of flags and their descriptions:

             Prompts to add a new firmware password or change and existing
             password if one exists.

     -setmode mode
             Set the mode to "command" or "full".  "Command" will prompt for
             the firmware password if the user attempts to boot from a differ-
             ent volume.  "Full" will prompt on every startup (not recom-

     -mode   Displays the current mode if one is set.

     -check  Displays whether or not a firmware password is set.

             Prompts for password and clears both password and the mode if

             Prompts for password and displays success if correct.

             Generates a firmware password recovery key.  Note: Machine must
             be stable for this command to generate a valid seed.  No pending
             changes that need a restart.  NOTE: Seed is only valid until the
             next time a firmware password command runs.

     -h      Displays a list of all the commands available in the
             firmwarepasswd tool, with explanatory information.



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