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automountd(8)             BSD System Manager's Manual            automountd(8)


     automountd -- automatic mount / unmount daemon for autofs


     /usr/libexec/automountd [-v] [-n] [-T] [-o opts] [-D name=value]


     automountd is a daemon that responds to requests from autofs to mount and
     unmount network filesystems, and to supply the contents of directories,
     based on the contents of automounter maps. The automountd is started on
     demand by launchd(8).  As the daemon is launched by launchd, the options
     below would be specified in the ProgramArguments key in the launchd plist
     for automountd.  See FILES below.


     -v      Log to syslogd(8) more detailed information about actions taken
             by automountd.

     -n      Disable browsing of all maps.

     -T      Increase by 1 the logging level for messages printed to the stan-
             dard output information about requests received from autofs, pro-
             cessing done for those requests, and replies sent to autofs.  The
             default level of 0 causes no information to be logged; each
             higher value causes more information to be logged.

     -o opts
             Apply the options specified by opts to all mounts by default.
             The options for a particular mount can override these options.

     -D name=value
             Set the environment value specified by name to the specified
             value.  Environment variables can be referred to in map entries;
             the value of the environment variable is substituted for the ref-
             erence to the variable.


             configuration file used to manage automountd

             launchd plist


     auto_master(5), autofsd(8), automount(8), autofs.conf(5), mount(8),
     mount_nfs(8), launchd(8), launchd.plist(5)

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