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SubmitDiagInfo(8)         BSD System Manager's Manual        SubmitDiagInfo(8)


     SubmitDiagInfo -- sends diagnostic information to Apple




     SubmitDiagInfo is a system process which runs periodically.  If the user
     has opted-in for automatic reporting of diagnostic information, then
     SubmitDiagInfo collects and sends to Apple any recent diagnostic informa-
     tion which has not yet been sent to Apple.  SubmitDiagInfo also cleans up
     any diagnostic information which was created more than 14 days ago and is
     no longer needed.

     Automatic reporting of diagnostic information is off by default and no
     information is sent to Apple unless a user has opted-in to automatic col-
     lection of diagnostic information.  A user is offered the opportunity to
     opt-in for automatic collection of additional diagnostic information
     after the user has manually sent a crash, hang or panic report to Apple.
     A user who has previously opted in can choose to later opt-out of auto-
     matic reporting by using the Reset Diagnostic Reporting button available
     in the Console application's preferences window.

     Diagnostic information includes special diagnostic log messages generated
     by Apple applications as well as crash, hang, spin, panic and other forms
     of diagnostic reports generated by the system when an application experi-
     ences a failure.  All diagnostic information which is eligible for auto-
     matic reporting is visible in the Console application under the "DIAGNOS-
     TIC INFORMATION" heading in the application's sidebar.  (The information
     appears here even if a user has not yet opted-in for automatic report-
     ing.)  For security purposes, some system diagnostic information will
     only be visible to admin users and will only be submitted when an admin
     user is logged in.

     Diagnostic information which is sent to Apple is submitted anonymously.
     The information is used by Apple to improve its products.  Users will NOT
     be contacted by Apple in response to diagnostic information which is
     automatically sent to Apple.  Users who need technical support should use or other authorized support channels.
     Developers who are ADC members should submit bug reports using in order to allow for two way communication
     between Apple and the bug reporter.



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