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PlistBuddy(8)             BSD System Manager's Manual            PlistBuddy(8)


     PlistBuddy -- read and write values to plists


     PlistBuddy [-cxh] file.plist


     The PlistBuddy command is used to read and modify values inside of a
     plist. Unless specified by the -c switch, PlistBuddy runs in interactive

     The following commands are used to manipulate plist data:

     Help        Prints this information.

     Exit        Exits the program. Changes are not saved to the file.

     Save        Saves the current changes to the file.

     Revert      Reloads the last saved version of the file.

     Clear type  Clears out all existing entries, and creates root of type
                 type.  See below for a list of types.

     Print [entry]
                 Prints value of entry.  If an entry is not specified, prints
                 entire file. See below for an explanation of how entry works.

     Set entry value
                 Sets the value at entry to value.

     Add entry type [value]
                 Adds entry with type type and optional value value.  See
                 below for a list of types.

     Copy entrySrc entryDst
                 Copies the entrySrc property to entryDst.

     Delete entry
                 Deletes entry from the plist.

     Merge file [entry]
                 Adds the contents of plist file to entry.

     Import entry file
                 Creates or sets entry to the contents of file.

     Entries consist of property key names delimited by colons. Array items
     are specified by a zero-based integer index. Examples:


     Entries may be of the following types:



     -c command  Execute command and exit. By default, PlistBuddy will run in
                 interactive mode.

     -x          Output will be in the form of an xml plist where appropriate.

     -h          Print the complete help info.


     Set the CFBundleIdentifier property to

             Set :CFBundleIdentifier

     Add the CFBundleGetInfoString property to the plist:

             Add :CFBundleGetInfoString string "App version 1.0.1"

     Add a new item of type dict to the CFBundleDocumentTypes array:

             Add :CFBundleDocumentTypes: dict

     Add the new item to the beginning of the array:

             Add :CFBundleDocumentTypes:0 dict

     Delete the FIRST item in the array:

             Delete :CFBundleDocumentTypes:0 dict

     Delete the ENTIRE CFBundleDocumentTypes array:

             Delete :CFBundleDocumentTypes


     PlistBuddy command returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is
     returned in case of failure.

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