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groff_me(7)                                                        groff_me(7)


       groff_me - troff macros for formatting papers


       groff -me [ options ] file ...
       groff -m me [ options ] file ...


       This  manual page describes the GNU version of the -me macros, which is
       part of the groff document formatting system.  This version can be used
       with  both GNU troff and Unix troff.  This package of troff macro defi-
       nitions provides a canned formatting facility for technical  papers  in
       various formats.

       The  macro  requests are defined below.  Many troff requests are unsafe
       in conjunction with this package, however, these requests may  be  used
       with impunity after the first .pp:

       .bp     begin new page
       .br     break output line here
       .sp n   insert n spacing lines
       .ls n   (line spacing) n=1 single, n=2 double space
       .na     no alignment of right margin
       .ce n   center next n lines
       .ul n   underline next n lines

       Output  of  the pic, eqn, refer, and tbl preprocessors is acceptable as


       /usr/share/groff/1.21/tmac/me.tmac (a wrapper file for e.tmac)


       groff(1), troff(1)
       -me Reference Manual, Eric P. Allman
       Writing Papers with Groff Using -me


       This list is incomplete; see The -me Reference Manual  for  interesting

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