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XORGFOUNDATION(7)                                            XORGFOUNDATION(7)


       XOrgFoundation - X.Org Foundation information


       Release  7.0 of X Version 11 is brought to you by the X.Org Foundation,


       The X.Org Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3)  char-
       ity  corporation.   It was formed in 2004 as the successor to the X.Org
       Group at The Open Group. The purpose of the X.Org Foundation is to fos-
       ter the development, evolution, and maintenance of the X Window System,
       a comprehensive set  of  vendor-neutral,  system-architecture  neutral,
       network-transparent  windowing and user interface standards. Membership
       in the X.Org Foundation is free and open to anyone. The  X.Org  Founda-
       tion  hosts  a  public  CVS  repository of the source code on Freedesk-

       The X Window System was created in the mid-1980s at  the  Massachusetts
       Institute  of  Technology.  In 1988, MIT formed a member-funded consor-
       tium to provide the technical and administrative  leadership  necessary
       to  support  further  development of the X Window System.  In 1992, MIT
       and the membership decided it was in their best interests to  move  the
       consortium  out of MIT and create an independent, stand-alone organiza-
       tion.  All rights to the X Window System were assigned by MIT to X Con-
       sortium,  Inc.  on  January 1, 1994. On December 31, 1996 the X Consor-
       tium, Inc. closed its doors and all rights to the X Window System  were
       assigned  to  The  Open  Group (then known as the Open Software Founda-


       The X.Org Foundation's web site is

       The X.Org Foundation's public ftp site is

       Information about  the  X.Org  Foundation  CVS  repository  is  on  the
       Freedesktop.Org web site at

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