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man pcap_dump_ftell(3)
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pcap_dump_ftell(3)                                  pcap_dump_ftell(3)


       pcap_dump_ftell,  pcap_dump_ftell64 - get the current file offset for a
       savefile being written


       #include <pcap/pcap.h>

       pcap_dump_ftell(3) *p);
       int64_t pcap_dump_ftell64(pcap_dumper_t *p);


       pcap_dump_ftell(3) returns the current file  position  for  the  ``save-
       file'',  representing  the  number of bytes written by pcap_dump_open()
       and pcap_dump().  -1 is returned on error.  If the current  file  posi-
       tion  does  not fit in a long, it will be truncated; this can happen on
       32-bit UNIX-like systems  with  large  file  support  and  on  Windows.
       pcap_dump_ftell64()  returns the current file position in a int64_t, so
       if file offsets that don't fit in a long but that fit in a int64_t  are
       supported,  this will return the file offset without truncation.  -1 is
       returned on error.


       pcap(3), pcap_dump_open(3), pcap_dump(3)

                               29 September 2017        pcap_dump_ftell(3)

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