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libgpsmm(3)                   GPSD Documentation                   libgpsmm(3)


       libgpsmm, libQgpsmm - C++ and QT class wrapper for the GPS daemon



       #include <libgpsmm>

       struct gps_data_t *open(char *host, char *port);

       struct gps_data_t *open(void);

       struct gps_data_t *send(char *request);

       struct gps_data_t *read(void);

       struct gps_data_t *waiting(int);

       struct gps_data_t *stream(unsigned intflags);


       libgpsmm and libQgpsmm are mere wrappers over libgps. The important
       difference between the libraries is that libgpsmm is targeted at C++
       applications and contained in libgps, while libQgpsmm is platform
       independent by using QTcpSocket to connect to gpsd and shipped as an
       additional library due to the necessary linking to QT. Method names are
       the same as the analogue C functions. For a detailed description of the
       functions please read libgps(3).  open() must be called after class
       constructor and before any other method (open() is not inside the
       constructor since it may fail, however constructors have no return
       value). The analogue of the C function gps_close() is in the


       gpsd(8), gps(1), libgps(3).


       Alfredo Pironti <>.

The GPSD Project                  13 May 2005                      libgpsmm(3)

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