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xcrun(1)                  BSD General Commands Manual                 xcrun(1)


     xcrun -- run or locate development tools


     xcrun [-sdk SDK] -find <tool_name>

     xcrun [-sdk SDK] [-log] <tool_name> [<tool_arguments>]

     <tool_name> [<tool_arguments>]


     xcrun provides a means to locate or invoke coexistence- and platform-
     aware developer tools from the command-line, without requiring users to
     modify makefiles or otherwise take inconvenient measures to support mul-
     tiple Xcode tool chains.

     The tool xcode-select is used to specify which installation of Xcode is
     used, and may be overridden by the DEVELOPER_DIR environment variable.

     The SDK defaults to the boot system OS SDK, and can be specified by the
     SDKROOT environment variable or the -sdk option (which takes precedences
     over SDKROOT).

     The first usage returns the full path to the found tool_name.

     The second usage executes tool_name with tool_arguments.

     The third usage is when xcrun is used as a replacement for any of the
     standard UNIX developer tools (typically in /usr/bin).  In this case,
     xcrun will use the name of the tool it's replacing ( tool_name ) to
     locate the corresponding tool within evaluated DEVELOPER_DIR and SDK.

     If the tool is not named xcrun , as in the third usage, then
     tool_arguments are not parsed by xcrun.

           Display information about how the redirected path is constructed.

           Don't consult the cache when looking up values.  In effect, causes
           the cache entry to be refreshed.

           Removes the cache.  Causes all values to be re-cached.

     -sdk SDK
           Specifies which SDK to use.  Overrides any SDKROOT set in the envi-

     -log  Print the full command line that is invoked.

           Print the full path to the tool.

   Environment Variables
     The following environment variables affect the execution of xcrun:

     DEVELOPER_DIR   Specifies the search path for locating the current devel-
                     oper tools (overrides xcode-select default).

     SDKROOT         Specifies the SDK to use; overriden by the command line
                     -sdk option.

     xcrun_log       Same as specifying -log.

     xcrun_nocache   Same as specifying -no-cache.

     xcrun_verbose   Same as specifying -verbose.

     When xcrun is invoked with the name xcrun , the options -log and -verbose
     are useful debugging aids.  The option -no-cache can be used to bypass
     cache lookup, but often at a significant cost in performance.

     When xcrun has taken the place of another tool, the arguments are those
     of the tool replaced, and the various xcrun options can't be used.  In
     this case, use the specific environment variables instead.


     xcodebuild -find

     Xcode coexistence

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