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klist(1)                         MIT Kerberos                         klist(1)


       klist - list cached Kerberos tickets


       klist  [-e]  [[-c]  [-l]  [-A]  [-f] [-s] [-a [-n]]] [-C] [-k [-i] [-t]
       [-K]] [-V] [-d] [cache_name|keytab_name]


       klist lists the Kerberos principal and Kerberos tickets held in a  cre-
       dentials cache, or the keys held in a keytab file.


       -e     Displays  the encryption types of the session key and the ticket
              for each credential in the credential cache, or each key in  the
              keytab file.

       -l     If a cache collection is available, displays a table summarizing
              the caches present in the collection.

       -A     If a cache collection is available, displays the contents of all
              of the caches in the collection.

       -c     List tickets held in a credentials cache. This is the default if
              neither -c nor -k is specified.

       -f     Shows the flags present in the credentials, using the  following

                 F    Forwardable
                 f    forwarded
                 P    Proxiable
                 p    proxy
                 D    postDateable
                 d    postdated
                 R    Renewable
                 I    Initial
                 i    invalid
                 H    Hardware authenticated
                 A    preAuthenticated
                 T    Transit policy checked
                 O    Okay as delegate
                 a    anonymous

       -s     Causes  klist  to  run silently (produce no output).  klist will
              exit with status 1 if the credentials cache cannot be read or is
              expired, and with status 0 otherwise.

       -a     Display list of addresses in credentials.

       -n     Show numeric addresses instead of reverse-resolving addresses.

       -C     List  configuration data that has been stored in the credentials
              cache when klist encounters it.  By default, configuration  data
              is not listed.

       -k     List keys held in a keytab file.

       -i     In  combination  with  -k,  defaults to using the default client
              keytab instead of the default acceptor keytab,  if  no  name  is

       -t     Display  the  time entry timestamps for each keytab entry in the
              keytab file.

       -K     Display the value of the encryption key in each keytab entry  in
              the keytab file.

       -d     Display the authdata types (if any) for each entry.

       -V     Display the Kerberos version number and exit.

       If  cache_name  or keytab_name is not specified, klist will display the
       credentials in the default credentials cache or keytab file  as  appro-
       priate.   If  the  KRB5CCNAME environment variable is set, its value is
       used to locate the default ticket cache.


       See kerberos(7) for a description of Kerberos environment variables.


       KCM:   Default location of Kerberos 5 credentials cache

              Default location for the local host's keytab file.


       kinit(1), kdestroy(1), kerberos(7)




       1985-2021, MIT

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