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freshclam(1)                    Clam AntiVirus                    freshclam(1)


       freshclam - update virus databases


       freshclam [options]


       freshclam is a virus database update tool for ClamAV.


       Freshclam reads its configuration from freshclam.conf. The settings can
       be overwritten with command line options.

       -h, --help
              Output help information and exit.

       -V, --version
              Print version number and exit.

       -v, --verbose
              Be verbose. This option causes freshclam  to  print  much  addi-
              tional information.

              Be quiet - output only error messages.

              Don't print and log warnings.

              Write all messages to stdout.

       -l FILE, --log=FILE
              Write download report to FILE.

              Install  new  database  in  DIRECTORY.  The  directory  must  be
              writable for the '_clamav' user  or  unprivileged  user  running

       -u USER, --user USER
              Run  as  USER. By default (when started by root) freshclam drops
              privileges and operates as the '_clamav' user.

       -d, --daemon
              Run in a daemon mode. This option requires --checks.   -p  FILE,
              --pid=FILE Write daemon's pid to FILE.

              This  option  forces  old non-DNS verification method (without a
              TTL delay).

       -c #n, --checks=#n
              Check #n times per day for a new database. #n must be between  1
              and 50.

              Notify  the daemon about the new database. By default it reads a
              hardcoded config file but you can  use  a  different  one.  Both
              local and TCP sockets are supported.

       -a IP, --local-address=IP
              Use  (local)  IP for HTTP downloads. Useful for multi-homed sys-
              tems. If binding fails for whatever reason, a warning is  issued
              and freshclam behaves like without this flag.

              Execute COMMAND if error occurred. Remember, that virus database
              freshness is the most important thing in anti-virus system. With
              this  option  freshclam  can alert you (eg. send SMS) when some-
              thing is going wrong.

              Execute COMMAND after successful update.

              Execute COMMAND when freshclam reports outdated version. In  the
              command string %v will be replaced by the new version number.

              Print mirror details from mirrors.dat (cache file for the mirror

              Upload detection statistics to the ClamAV  Project  (see  fresh-
              clam.conf(5):SubmitDetectionStats for more details). No database
              update will be performed. This option only works in the interac-
              tive mode.


       (0) Download database to default directory:


       (1) Download database to current directory:

              freshclam --datadir=.

       (2) Run as a daemon and check 2 times per day for new database:

              freshclam -d -c 2


       Some  return codes of freshclam can be overwritten with a built-in com-
       mand EXIT_n which can be passed to --on-*-execute, eg. --on-update-exe-
       cute=EXIT_1  will  force  freshclam to always return 1 after successful
       database update.

       0 : Database successfully updated.

       1 : Database is up-to-date.

       40: Unknown option passed.

       50: Can't change directory.

       51: Can't check MD5 sum.

       52: Connection (network) problem.

       53: Can't unlink file.

       54: MD5 or digital signature verification error.

       55: Error reading file.

       56: Config file error.

       57: Can't create new file.

       58: Can't read database from remote server.

       59: Mirrors are not fully synchronized (try again later).

       60: Can't get information about '_clamav' user from /etc/passwd.

       61: Can't drop privileges.

       62: Can't initialize logger.




       Please check the full documentation for credits.


       Tomasz Kojm <>


       clamd(8), clamdscan(1), clamscan(1), sigtool(1), clamd.conf(5), clamav-

ClamAV 0.95.3                  February 12, 2007                  freshclam(1)

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