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dsymutil(1)               BSD General Commands Manual              dsymutil(1)


     dsymutil -- manipulate archived DWARF debug symbol files.


     dsymutil [--arch=ARCH] [--out=path] exe_path


     dsymutil links the DWARF debug information found in the object files for
     an executable exe_path by using debug symbols information contained in
     its symbol table.

     The following options are available:

              Link DWARF debug information only for specified CPU architecture
              types.  Architectures may be specified by name or by number.
              When using this option, an error will be returned if any archi-
              tectures can not be properly linked.  This option can be speci-
              fied multiple times, once for each desired architecture.  All
              cpu architectures will be linked by default and any architec-
              tures that can't be properly linked will not cause dsymutil to
              return an error as long as at least one architecture was able to
              link successfully.

     -h, --help
              Display the help documentation for this command.

     -f, --flat
              Produce a flat dSYM file. A '.dwarf' extension will be appended
              to the executable name unless the output file is specified using
              the -o option.

     -o path, --out=path
              Specifies an alternate path to place the .dSYM bundle. The
              default dSYM bundle path is created by appending '.dSYM' to the
              executable name.

              Specifies a path to prepend to all debug symbol object file

     -s, --symtab
              Dumps the symbol table found in executable or object file(s) and

     -v, --version
              Display the current version and build date of the dsymutil

              Display verbose information when linking.



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