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dsmemberutil(1)           BSD General Commands Manual          dsmemberutil(1)


     dsmemberutil -- various operations for the membership APIs, including
     state dump, check memberships, UUIDs, etc.


     dsmemberutil [-v] [-h] command [options]


     dsmemberutil is a program that implements the membership API calls in a
     command line utility.


     A list of flags and their descriptions:

     -h      Lists the options for calling dsmemberutil

     -v      Causes dsmemberutil to operate in verbose mode.


     The action of each command is described below:

     getuuid -ugUGsS value
                 Takes any of the options and returns the associated UUID.

     getid -UGsSX value
                 Takes any of the options and returns the associated UID or
                 GID depending on option provided.

     getsid -ugUGX value
                 Takes any of the options and returns the associated SID.

     checkmembership -uUxs param -gGXS param
                 Returns if a user or group with the associated option is a
                 member of the group.

     flushcache  Flushes the current membership cache.

     Legacy commands such as dumpstate and statistics are gone. See odutil(1)
     for show cache and statistics operations.

     A list of options available. In some cases -xX and -sS can be used syn-
     onymously due to nature of the value.

     -u uid           Using user with UID

     -U name          Using user with name

     -s sid           Using user with SID

     -x uuid          Using user with UUID

     -g gid           Using group with GID

     -G name          Using group with name

     -S sid           Using group with SID

     -X uuid          Using group with UUID


     Get a user's uuid:
                    % dsmemberutil getuuid -u 501

     Get a group's uuid
                    % dsmemberutil getuuid -g 0

     Get a user's or group's id from a uuid
                    % dsmemberutil getid -X
                    gid: 12

     Check a user's membership in a group (using UID and GID)
                    % dsmemberutil checkmembership -u 501 -g 0
                    user is not a member of the group

     Check a user's membership in a group (using names)
                    % dsmemberutil checkmembership -U root -G wheel
                    user is a member of the group


     odutil(1), dseditgroup(1), dscacheutil(1)

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