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affcat(1)                                                            affcat(1)


       affcat - Output contents of an image file to stdout.


       affcat [options] image [images]


       affcat  outputs  the  contents of an image file to stdout.  Image files
       that are not raw but are recognized by AFF will be output in  raw  for-
       mat. Missing pages will not be padded, but the fact that they are miss-
       ing will be noted on STDERR.

       The options are as follows:

       -s name
              Output the named segment, instead of the image data. This  is  a
              way to output metadata.

       -p nnn Just output page number nnn

       -S nnn Just output data sector number nnn.  Sector #0 is the first sec-

       -q     Quiet mode. Don't print to STDERR if a page is  skipped  because
              it is not present.

       -n     Noisy mode. Tell when pages are skipped.

       -l     List all the segment names, rather than outputting data.

       -L     List Long. Prints segment names, lengths, and args.

       -d     Debug  mode.  Print  the  page numbers to stderr as data goes to

       -b     Output BADFALG for bad blocks (default is to output NULLs).

       -v     Just print the version number and exit.

       -r offset:count
              Seek to the given byte offset and  output  count  characters  in
              each file; may be repeated.


       affcat first appeared in AFFLIB v1.00.


       Simson Garfinkel <>


       This  file  is a work of a US government employee and as such is in the
       Public domain.

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