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8.3 Generating the Merged Output Directly

With the ‘-m’ or ‘--merge’ option, diff3 outputs the merged file directly. This is more efficient than using ed to generate it, and works even with non-text files that ed would reject. If you specify ‘-m’ without an ed script option, ‘-A’ (‘--show-all’) is assumed.

For example, the command ‘diff3 -m lao tzu tao’ (see section A Third Sample Input File for a copy of the input files) would output the following:

<<<<<<< tzu
The Way that can be told of is not the eternal Way;
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
>>>>>>> tao
The Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth;
The Named is the mother of all things.
Therefore let there always be non-being,
  so we may see their subtlety,
And let there always be being,
  so we may see their result.
The two are the same,
But after they are produced,
  they have different names.
<<<<<<< lao
||||||| tzu
They both may be called deep and profound.
Deeper and more profound,
The door of all subtleties!

  -- The Way of Lao-Tzu, tr. Wing-tsit Chan
>>>>>>> tao

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