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3.3 Compilation

BDB requires special compilation mode for Bigloo and C files. Some of the files may not be compiled in that special mode. For those, BDB won’t be able to step over the code. It is mandatory that, at least, the Bigloo module that contains the main entry point is compiled with debugging informations

The two options that tells Bigloo to produce BDB code are -gbdb and -gbdb2. The second delivers more runtime informations but may enlarge the size of the binary file. The option to use when compiling C code is the regular debugging option (e.g. -g)

There is no need to link programs with static version of the libraries although setting up breakpoints in library code is enabled only for static libraries. On some platforms linking with static versions of the libraries will prevent the debugger from getting confused when loading a dynamic library (e.g. it may happen that the debugger steps the dynamic code loader).

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